• Livestock Tracking

    Ask now about how you can track your livestock.  In initial trials with a client they discovered that their original expectation of movement of cattle (3klm per day) was totally inadequate.  Their cattle were walking up to 3X times their estimates and the additional data explained their livestock's feed burn and lack of milk production.

    "Good decision's need good data to get great outcomes"

  • Workplace Safety Workshops

    In 2022, we will be scheduling workshops for farmer groups to assist in establishing a WorkPlace safety program to meet each individual farmer requirements.

    For more information contact us on or 1300 313 883  

  • Workplace Solutions Testimonial

    Since introducing the iTRAKassets system Company XX has seen a significant reduction in quad bike speeds and access to steep terrain.

    Company XX had taken the time to investigate and implement the iTRAKassets system because safety was the first core value of the company. 

    “It’s about being a leader in safety in agriculture and the dairy industry, which doesn’t necessarily have the best safety record – we want to improve that.”

  • Our Partner Company - iTRAK

    iTRAKassets owns 50% of iTRAK® that uses Retinal and Facial Technology to provide true validation of livestock Identification.

    ‘Have you ever dreamt about being able to pick up a smartphone and identify your livestock running down a race or in a paddock or in any environment in an instant from 3+ metres away?’

    The reality is getting much closer as the ‘iTRAK® Retinal Plus’ utilising Retinal ID technology that is synchronised to Facial recognition to deliver real time identification in an instant.

    You can register your interest at:

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