Tracking Platform

Real-Time Tracking & Movement History

•   Keep track of all of your assets in one place with real-time Live Map Views

•   Monitor movement, point-by-point with Map History ViewsView Instant snapshots of daily movements with Trip History

•   Important events, accidents and speed violations displayed directly on the map for easy viewing

Customisable Repots & Alerts

•   Select from common alerts such as Trip Start, Trip End, After Hours Usage, Low Battery, External Power Removed, Speeding and more

•   Customize, schedule and download vital reports for analysis and billing

•   Set a one touch movement alert directly from the map view

Create & Monitor Geo-Fences

•   Set up and monitor Geo-fences (Virtual Boundaries) for operations management

•   Configure alerts to notify team members when an asset arrives or departs a key area

•   Download Geo-fences directly to devices, allowing them to change their behaviour based on their location

•   Set speed limits, track entries and exits, time spent and distance travelled within the boundary.

Manage Device Health Remotely

•   Leverage the innovative ‘battery meter’ installed on many devices.

•   Manage device health for non-powered assets using battery powered trackers.

•   View remaining battery percentage and remaining lifetime.

•   Set low battery alerts to ensure timely battery change reminders.

•   View device upload and GPS successes and failures to detect any potential problems.

•   Works seamlessly with our Over-the-air Device Management Server


  • Operations

    Cut running costs (fuel, labour, maintenance)

  • Personnel

    Monitoring, accountability & transparency

  • Utilisation

    Improve equipment/asset usage, maintenance

  • Profitability

    Increase contracts, optimize routing and staff

  • Service

    Punctuality, references, increased resale value

  • Peace of mind

    Comfort that all activities are on track, ROI

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